About Us

We are Trossachs Loans, the place where comfort meets further comfort. That is right, we are a logbook loan comparison website, where you come to a great hoard of different logbook loans, from the leading lenders in the UK market. From the very top ones to the relatively new ones, we have everyone in our portfolio. If logbook loans were not already comforting to get access to, at Trossachs Loans, you add a further side of comfort when you get access to our comparison tool. This tool allows you to put all the different deals side by side and compare them to reach a conclusion as to which deal suits you best. This way, you can be sure of getting the perfect deal for yourself. Without us, you would have to make manual comparisons, which will be a waste of your precious time, while also being inconvenient. Therefore, if it is convenience that these loans so boast, it is convenience we ensure.