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There is no denying the charm of logbook loans. They are not just easy to get access to, but also provide unparalleled speed. However, what these characteristics do is make these loans a must-have, leading to an increasing number of loan providers offering them. This increased choice makes it rather difficult for you to decide which one to actually choose. This is where we walk in and help you get the deal that you deserve.

What are logbook loans?

Logbook loans are readily-available secured loans, which an increasing number of lenders are offering in the UK. When you take up a logbook loan, you put your car as collateral to secure your loan. Here, you hand over the logbook of your car to the lender. This is where it takes its name from. The amount of this loan, therefore, is directly dependent on the estimated worth of the car you choose to secure your loan. Different lenders have varying rates they apply on the estimated worth of your car.

Despite the fact that you are to handover the logbook of your car, the practical ownership stays with you, as you are allowed to keep your car. As soon as the loan is repaid, the logbook is returned to you.

If you need to know further, feel free to visit websites like to Logbook Loans Guide.

Why choose logbook loans?

Logbook loans quite effectively get rid of the downside that most loans come with. Whether it is the never-ending waiting period, little certainty, slow speed, or high credit rating requirements, logbook loans ensure that it does not have to be this way. With logbook loans, what you are getting yourself is a straight-forward, easily approved loan that you can be sure of. Whether you are in a hurry, in need of assurance, or suffer from credit ratings that have landed you rejections in the past, logbook loans are just the answer to all your troubles.

What we offer at Trossachs Loans?

At Trossachs Loans, what you are getting is a chance to put on the same the table the very best logbook loans that are in the market. We bring you deals from the leading lenders like AutoMoney and Logbook 24/7, and offer you a platform where you can compare them with one another so that you reach a decision you are positive about. Having too much choice also causes too much uncertainty. You can never really be sure about whether or not the deal you are about to take is the best one there is. Maybe there is a deal that is better suited to your requirements, but how will you ever know? This is where we walk in to ensure that you do know all there is to know about all the different logbook loans around.

What do you need to have?

The first requirement of getting access to a logbook loan is being a citizen of the UK. If that is in order, the next thing you need to ensure is that you legally own a car. Having said that, not every car is eligible for getting you a logbook loan. There are two primary requirements for your car. Firstly, the car must not have any existing finances on it. Presence of this condition would mean that you do not actually have the legal ownership of your car since you have already used it as a collateral. Secondly, you also need to insure your car before you use to get a logbook loan. If all these conditions are met, you can be sure of getting your hands on the loan without any delay.

Should you be worried about putting your car as collateral?

Given the importance our cars hold in our everyday lives, one does not make such a decision without giving it proper thought. However, we intend on assuring you that you need not worry when it comes to logbook loans. An increasing number of lenders are moving towards establishing long-term relationships with their customers, and as a consequence of this, they are very cautious about seizing collaterals. If you miss a payment or two, contact your lender, have a sit down, and discuss the matter. It is highly likely that a mutually beneficial conclusion would be reached, without any need for taking desperate measures.

Why Trossachs Loans?

While we admit that we may not be the only logbook loan comparison website there is, we can ensure you that you could not be in a better place. We boast a very wide portfolio of leading lenders of logbook loans, allowing you to know your logbook loans exactly the way you should. Regardless of what you preferences are, we are sure to have something for everyone. So if it is logbook loan you really want, wait no more in getting started.